Business Unit Emergency Response Advisor

Sector: Oil & Gas

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring correct resource availability to deal with incidents across all facilities, and offices (excluding drilling sites),
  • Responsible for the planning, design and execution of all BU drills and exercises, ensuring any lessons learnt are recorded and actions allocated and followed up on.
  • Provide tactical and technical support to all levels of the Company's Incident Command System and ensure the system remains fit for purpose at all times.
  • Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations that pertain to emergency response and preparedness.
  • Liaise with other operators to negotiate, agree, prepare, and coordinate cooperation and support efforts (mutual aid) during Major Emergency Events.
  • Responsibility for the Business Continuity cycle ensuring the effectiveness of the ongoing business continuity programme that supports organisational resilience, business impact analysis and response planning.
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management System and response plans - maintain and develop the BU credible scenario-based response plans for all sites and locations in Iraq, guided by existing risk studies, role holders experience and risk assessments. Enabling all levels of the BU Emergency Response and Crisis Management System to effectively manage incidents that could have a negative impact on the organization and its priorities.
  • Development of third-party emergency response bridging and interface documents and where appropriate lead the development and delivery of exercises to test interfaces and primacy arrangements. Coach and mentor line management in the development of emergency response and crisis management capability across the BU.
  • Trains, mentors and coaches designated teams in the following at a minimum: Fire and explosion response  - Vehicle Accident Response - Hazardous Substance Spill Response -  Toxic Gas Release, including H2S

• Health related emergencies in coordination with the BU Medical Advisor and Field based medics
• Security related incidents in coordination with the BU Security Manager and Field based security personnel
• IT and cyber security related incidents in coordination with the Chief Information officer
• Coordinates the maintenance of the ER capability of BU Incident Management locations through document management, management of the IMT & SMT infrastructure and boards in the individual locations, coordinate, plan, and schedule training to ensure that nominated personnel can effectively use the resources at these locations
• Work with local authorities and local communities, as appropriate, to improve local authority and community capability to assist Company in the event of an incident
• Ensure Family Liaison and Relative response teams are trained and able to effectively support family and relatives in the event of an incident
• Ensure all Department Heads receive regular Business Continuity training and awareness to ensure competence and continual improvement

  •  Planning, design and execution of all BU drills and exercises, ensuring any lessons learnt are recorded, actions are allocated to owners and followed up on. Development of an annual multi-tiered drills and exercise programme for the BU.
  • Testing and Exercising will involve the following areas in coordination with department heads:  Production and Operations - Drilling -  IT - Security - Medical - Office Locations - Business Continuity
  • Advises on procurement, use and maintenance of emergency response equipment necessary to respond to credible scenarios based on risk assessment at the field and office locations in Iraq.
  • Ensure that all fixed emergency response equipment and fixed firefighting systems across all sites is tested and inspected as per recommended intervals, with any defects reported ensuring all repairs are carried out in a timely manner. Ensures that the fixed emergency response equipment and fixed firefighting systems across all sites is fit for purpose and consummate to identified risk scenarios and identifies areas for improvement as they may arise.
  • he role holder will be assigned national personnel and must develop their competencies in the subject of Emergency Response and shall progress national staff via competency development and assessment.
  • Work closely with Corporate Social Responsibility Team, to enhance the capabilities of local and national authorities in Emergency Response and Crisis Management.
    • Coordinate response to Major Events with other IOCs in Kurdistan, if required.
    • Work with local Contractors to ensure that their own Emergency Response Plans meet Company's expectations.


  • Internationally or nationally recognized qualification in the following areas.
    • ICS 300 or equivalent
    • Emergency Response
    • Crisis Management
    • Business Continuity
  • At least 15 years practical experience in emergency response and crisis management which must include oil and gas onshore experience and ideally Sour Gas Experience. 
  • Practical and theoretical training development and delivery experience, ideally with some familiarity with virtual delivery and competency management frameworks.
  • Has fulfilled a similar role and can provide references of capability. 
  • Experience in a range of tactical response matters, i.e., firefighting, country evacuation, pollution response including Oil Spill Response, fatality management, security, or civil crisis response, road traffic collisions, confined space, and rescues from height.
  • Experience of fire safety inspections and risk assessments.
  • Incident Commander competencies in an international setting.
  • Experienced coach and trainer with preference to those candidates with experience in developing local nationals to backfill roles.
  • Experienced in the planning and delivery of multi-level emergency response exercises.
  • Must be able to develop, write and maintain clear and credible ER & CM and BC plans that are easily understood and executed.
  • Experienced in incident and accident investigation.
  • Preferred - previous engagement with national authorities and other IOCs.
  • Preferred – Qualified and authorised to deliver internationally recognized training.
  • Possesses a hands-on approach to problem solving and project execution.
  • A trained coach and mentor or relevant experience with high personal integrity.
  • Excellent and effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Builds networks to enhance effectiveness and share knowledge.

Working Conditions:

Rotational Role 28/28.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted. 

Location: Duhok
Sector: Oil & Gas
Job Code: emp137
Employment Duration: Full Time
Deadline: 15/10/2022

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