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Seeking an office space or residence? Leave that to us to ensure a smooth-running process while we cater to your very needs. Our real estate services are designed in the belief that selling, purchasing, leasing and managing properties can be faster, more efficient and less costly. Since the establishment in 2007 of the emp Real Estate Department, hundreds of applicants have found what they were looking for in a fast and efficient process. We have grown in strength and reputation, maximizing the business potential to the benefit of the local and international investor client base. Both experience a warm welcome and open door at emp. Ask to see our testimonials.

As a local company, we have a passion for our local cities, close relations with authorities and commitment to our community and that is how we developed a comprehensive understanding of our market and their needs. The quality of our service and superior local knowledge merged with the level of care we bestow on our clients and stakeholders has set us apart. 

Our teams at emp offer over ten years of experience in the real estate industry, built on loyalty and long- standing trust with clients.  We are proud to be the property manager for over 1,800 properties in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Not only that, but we have also established strong relationships with international and multinational companies from all sectors including: general consulates and embassies, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. We offer true property and facility management that make buying, selling, leasing and furnishing of real estate as cost effective as possible, while maintaining the highest level of service. In addition to receiving and obtaining information from all relevant sources, gathering data on rental rates in the area and working with owners to determine the optimal rental rate, we have covered all the groundwork for you. "In today's world especially in a place like Kurdistan, customer service is very important and experienced professionals like emp staff are the epitome of award-winning customer service. They exceeded our expectations" B.B. , Property Manager.

To help you rent, buy or sell your next home, emp offers ongoing free consultations. To discuss further your requirements, and our capabilities please contact us

Rental Service

Looking for a House, an Apartment or Office Space? Whatever your needs, we've got you covered. Our staff are specialized in matching property and people.

With emp Real Estate teams, your rental property and paper work procedures will be in the right hands. You will be confident that your rentals are well looked after. The rental experience for both property owners and tenants will be enjoyable. We work closely with both landlords and tenants to understand their needs and provide them with the best options in the market. 

Our management staff are well experienced in all aspects of property rentals, including local and national laws, rules and regulations, market conditions, pricing strategies, and appropriate lease requirements.

Some of the services we offer are:
For the Tenants & Landlords 

  • Our staff work with tenants from the initial property viewing, all the way to the moving-in process
  • We help guide tenants through the process of finding the right place, as well as handling rent collection/s
  • We handle all the necessary paperwork and pre-rental logistics to ensure a smooth transition
  • We can be your trusted go-between for financial transactions 
  • Our lease agreement is the best in the region
  • We manage and ensure that the monthly/annual payments are made on time
  • We can advise you of the most recent changes in the private rental sector, keeping you and your property fully compliant with the legal requirements.

Why Sellers Choose Us
Our experts save you time because they answer all questions regarding pricing, marketing and negotiations, taking the stress of the process off your shoulders. It is our pleasure to guide you through each step, from beginning to end. We want you to get the most return on your investment in the shortest time possible. We provide detailed market comparisons between your home and recently sold homes and together, we can determine what your home is worth in today's market.

With us you will know if:

  • your property is ready and prepared to be sold
  • it a good time for selling
  • your selling price is competitive
  • and how to bring your property to market

Finally we will manage all the legal aspects with our proficient selling agreements and documents.

Why Buyers Choose Us
If you are buying a home in today’s market, you need someone with the appropriate expertise and attention to detail to guide you through the process. The emp team has developed a level of home buying expertise that is unrivaled in the area to meet your needs for an enjoyable process.
At emp, our aim is to help buyers purchase the best property available with the right price.
With us you will know if:

  • it is a good time for buying
  • the offered property price is competitive
  • your choice of property is advantageous both now and in the future.

Finally, we will manage all the legal aspects with our proficient selling agreement